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We are Mission Audio Visual, based out of Kelowna, British Columbia and servicing the South Okanagan Area. We provide a wide variety of professional design and installation services such as Smart Home Automation, Custom Home Theatre, TV Mounting, and more. If you would like your Audio Visual equipment (commercial or residential) installed professionally and correctly, call us. We stand by and warranty all of our work, providing white glove service to the amazing people of Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Lake Country, Vernon, Enderby, Penticton and Kamloops.

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Mission Audio Visual provides a wide range of top-tier professional audio visual installation services, based in Kelowna, BC. Our experienced team designs and installs smart home systems, crafted to make your life both luxurious and convenient. We pride ourselves in designing and installing state-of-the-art audio visual systems, ranging from immersive custom home theaters to high-definition stereos and enveloping surround sound systems. Our expertise also extends to multi-room audio setups, all of which can be effortlessly controlled via smart home automation for the ultimate experience in ease and convenience. Beyond audio, we specialize in intelligent lighting solutions; we bring you everything from automated blinds for seamless daylight control, to programmable and dimmable lighting options in a variety of hues from classic shades to vibrant, full-range RGB colors. Let us transform your living space into a technologically advanced, yet comfortabe user-friendly environment.

Jim Stansfield
Jim Stansfield
Drew, just wanted to let you know we are really happy with the install of our new Sonos Arc & Frame TV! The Mission Audio install team was professional and really knew what they were doing providing us with a flawless installation of all the components! Thank you!
Mike Hanlen
Mike Hanlen
Great help with figuring out a problem I had with hooking home theater system 👍🏻
steve howe
steve howe
I just want to thank Drew and his team at mission audio Kelowna for making my families wishes come true this holiday season. I got a few other quotes and schedules to create my home theatre, but all the other quotes were either higher and or couldn’t get the project complete in time for my Christmas parties I was hosting in 2023. That all said, Drew and his team step up and completed the full theater install on time and on budget and the picture quality and sound is out of this world. They sure know there stuff. If you’re in the market for audio needs call mission audio it will be the best decision you make in 2024 . Thanks Drew !!!!!!
karan joshi
karan joshi
Cant say enough good things about these guys, their service is top notch and so is the products they offer, my home theatre sounds better than cineplex ( atleast to me) Thank You Drew and Michael
Pam Richardson
Pam Richardson
Im in Vernon and I hired this company from Kelowna as they had a good reputation for their work and service. Initially I was not happy at the cost of the installation as it was much more than expected, however the technicians were totally professional, they sent a ticketed electrician to run plugs behind the TV and did an awesome job! The office discounted my charges and removed the travel cost. I would highly recommend this company if you want the job done right without compromise. Worth the cost !
Jeremy Breen
Jeremy Breen
I hired the MAV Team to build a custom theater room as well as install smart light switches throughout my entire house and wall mount a TV and soundbar. I couldn't be happier with the results. Drew spent lots of time with me ahead of the build to spec out equipment and give me the pros and cons of all the gear. He was always available to answer questions via email or a phone chat. His passion for home theater and customer satisfaction were evident from day one. Every team member that came to my house was polite and professional. Their work product was excellent and I cannot speak highly enough of them. The team faced some room challenges with the theater but their dedication paid off and now I have a perfect cinema room to enjoy movies. Highly recommend Drew and his team for your home theater or smart home needs.
Ashton McElroy
Ashton McElroy
We've been working with Mission A/V over the last year. They have been phenomenal to work with and offer a solid amount of varying products and services!
S Dean
S Dean
We had Mission Audio Visual install our theatre room. They gave me a quote for the whole installation. They were here on time and were very professional and friendly. Although they had told us it would take one day and it wound up taking almost two days which was not a problem at all since the work was extensive, they still charged us the same price. The finished work was impeccable. They did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them to my friends and family. :)
Brad Cleary
Brad Cleary
Drew was most helpful with great advice. Another superior business to deal with in kelowna. I would recommend them to anyone ! Thanks again Drew
Paul Farina
Paul Farina
There is no better AV company to work with than Drew and the crew!!! They are our go-to for everything tech-related with our home. They do what they say they will, on time, at a fair price, and always deliver exceptional results. Look no further, Mission AV is your "I know a guy!" Thanks Drew, Ben and the whole team. You guys saved our marriage hahaha J/K #TVandMoviesandMusic for life!

Mission AV's FAQ Regarding Custom Integration Installs:

Absolutely. Customization is the core of our home theater installation service. We understand that every room has unique acoustical properties, and we tailor each installation to those specifics. We factor in the size and shape of the room, the layout of your seating, and even the materials used in the construction of the room. Our team uses this information to guide our choices in speaker placement, screen size, projector setup, and acoustic treatments, among other things. We also work closely with you to understand your aesthetic and functional preferences so we can deliver a home theater experience that doesn’t just sound amazing but fits perfectly with your home’s design.

Smart home automation brings a variety of benefits that enhance your lifestyle including added convenience, efficiency, and even security in your living spaces.

At its core, smart home automation is about simplifying your life. It integrates disparate home systems—like lighting, heating, audio-visual equipment, and security devices—into a single, easy-to-use interface. This means you can control multiple aspects of your home from a central hub, a smartphone app, or even through voice commands. Say goodbye to juggling different remotes or switches; with home automation, control is unified and streamlined.

Convenience is one of the most apparent benefits of home automation. Want your blinds to automatically adjust with the sun’s position? Need your home to greet you with soft lights and your favorite music after a long day at work? Home automation makes these possible, and it goes beyond simple convenience. It allows you to create personalized scenes and routines that fit your lifestyle, adding a layer of luxury and personalization to your daily living.

Energy efficiency is another significant advantage of smart home automation. By optimizing the use of lights, heating and cooling systems, and appliances, you can save on energy costs and contribute to a greener environment. Automated thermostats can adjust to your daily routines, lights can turn off when no one’s in the room, and appliances can run at off-peak hours—all of these lead to substantial energy savings.

Safety and security are enhanced with smart home automation. From remote-controlled locks and security cameras to smoke and leak detectors, you can monitor and secure your home, whether you’re in bed or halfway around the world. Real-time alerts notify you of any unusual activities, offering peace of mind.

Lastly, home automation brings future-ready adaptability. As new devices or technologies come to market, a well-designed smart home system can integrate these additions, allowing your home to stay on technology’s cutting edge.

In a nutshell, smart home automation takes your home to the next level of comfort, convenience, efficiency, and security, making your living environment not just smarter, but better attuned to your lifestyle.

The automated blinds we install are smart in every sense of the word. They can be programmed to open and close based on a set schedule, such as time of day, or in response to changing light levels. For instance, you can have the blinds automatically open in the morning to let in the sunlight and close at night for privacy. Or they can adjust based on the intensity of sunlight, closing when it’s too bright to prevent glare and protect your furnishings from sun damage, and opening when it’s cloudy to maximize natural light. They can also be integrated with your overall smart home system, allowing you to control them from the same interface as your lights, audio visual systems, and other smart devices.

Controlling our installed systems remotely is a breeze. Most smart home systems come with their own dedicated apps, which can be installed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. These apps offer an intuitive interface that allows you to control all aspects of your smart home, from your audio visual systems to your lighting and blinds. You can adjust the volume, change the channel, dim the lights, and even close the blinds, all from the palm of your hand, regardless of where you are in the house, or even when you’re not at home. Some systems also support voice control via smart speakers and virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri, offering you an additional layer of convenience.

Definitely. Our multi-room audio systems are designed to provide synchronized audio playback across multiple rooms in your home. This means you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or radio stations in one room and continue listening as you move around your house. Each room can be individually controlled, allowing you to adjust the volume or change the audio source for each space. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply going about your day, multi-room audio ensures your home is filled with sound that’s tailored to each room and each moment.

Audiovisual integration, often referred to as AV integration, is the process of merging various audio and visual technologies into a cohesive system to enhance communication and improve user experiences. It’s about creating a seamless environment where different pieces of technology—microphones, speakers, projectors, screens, and control systems—work together flawlessly.

The objective of AV integration is to design a system that is easy to use, consistent, and reliable. This might involve integrating a sound system with a display technology for a home theater or linking a company’s video conferencing facilities across multiple locations. The ultimate goal is to streamline operations and create systems that are intuitive and user-friendly, enabling individuals to focus more on the content and less on operating the technology.

AV integration requires a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of the equipment and the specific needs of the client. It involves system design, installation, testing, training, and ongoing support to ensure the technology continues to meet the users’ needs. It’s about more than just technology—it’s about creating solutions that enhance communication and interaction, whether in a home, a conference room, a classroom, or a public venue.

Audiovisual integration has applications across a vast array of industries, helping to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity. Here’s a glimpse at some of the sectors that can benefit.

The corporate world relies heavily on AV integration for effective communication. Integrated audiovisual systems are used in boardrooms, training rooms, and throughout office spaces for presentations, video conferencing, and collaborative work. They can connect teams from across the globe, fostering better collaboration and faster decision-making.

In education, AV integration aids in creating interactive and immersive learning environments. From K-12 classrooms to university lecture halls, integrated AV systems can engage students and enhance learning through interactive whiteboards, digital signage, and distance learning technologies.

Healthcare facilities utilize AV integration for a multitude of purposes, such as patient education, telemedicine, and operating room AV systems, allowing medical professionals to collaborate and consult remotely.

The automated blinds we install are smart in every sense of the word. They can be programmed to open and close based on a set schedule, such as time of day, or in response to changing light levels. For instance, you can have the blinds automatically open in the morning to let in the sunlight and close at night for privacy. Or they can adjust based on the intensity of sunlight, closing when it’s too bright to prevent glare and protect your furnishings from sun damage, and opening when it’s cloudy to maximize natural light. They can also be integrated with your overall smart home system, allowing you to control them from the same interface as your lights, audio visual systems, and other smart devices.

In the hospitality industry, AV integration contributes to enhancing guests’ experiences. Hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues use integrated AV systems for ambience creation, entertainment, digital signage, and to provide information.

Retail stores leverage AV integration to improve customer experiences and drive sales, using digital signage, interactive displays, and in-store audio systems.

In essence, any industry that relies on communication and interaction can benefit from audiovisual integration.

Advanced audiovisual or smart automation integration can provide significant benefits to your company, whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation.

First and foremost, it enhances communication. Integrated AV systems can make meetings and presentations more effective, whether they’re in-person or remote. High-quality video and audio can make video conferencing feel almost like being there in person, improving collaboration among employees and with clients.

Smart Automation integration can also save your company time and reduce frustration. Automating annoying or routine tasks can free up employees’ time, allowing them to focus on more complex and rewarding work. This leads to improved efficiency and higher productivity levels. For instance, smart automation systems can automate tasks like lighting control, HVAC adjustments, and AV equipment setup, saving employees time and effort.

Absolutely, we are pleased to extend our services beyond Kelowna, BC, Canada. We understand that every client, no matter where they’re located, deserves top-tier audiovisual solutions tailored to their needs.

In addition to Kelowna, we serve several other locations including West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Lake Country, Vernon, Enderby, Clearwater, and Kamloops. Our team is committed to providing high-quality AV integration services throughout these areas, delivering the same level of expertise and professionalism that our Kelowna clients enjoy.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, our goal is to design and install an audiovisual system that perfectly meets your unique needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and look forward to serving clients in these and other locations with their AV integration needs.



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