Introducing the second-generation Nest Hub, an elegant blend of technology and comfort that seamlessly fits into your daily life. With its captivating 7″ screen boasting a resolution of 1024 x 600, immerse yourself in your preferred Netflix series, Disney+ delights, engaging YouTube videos, and more (subscriptions might be necessary for certain content).

Elevating your auditory experience, the Nest Hub boasts an enhanced speaker with deep bass, delivering a harmonious and powerful audio performance. Whether you’re tuning into your cherished music from a spectrum of streaming platforms (subscriptions may be required), the audio quality remains crisp and resonant.

Unveiling the future of sleep monitoring, the Nest Hub introduces Sleep Sensing, a feature that provides personalized insights and recommendations. Effortlessly keep track of your sleep patterns—bedtime, wake-up time, and duration—through non-intrusive methods involving movement and breath analysis. And should you wish to delve deeper into this feature beyond the preview period, a paid subscription might be necessary.

Experience intuitive control at your fingertips. Navigate your media with a simple tap using the on-screen controls. Alternatively, summon the power of your voice with the enchanting phrase, “Hey Google,” to effortlessly manage playback, volume, and more.

Unlock a world of connectivity with seamless compatibility across a myriad of devices. Control your environment effortlessly—illuminate your space, secure your abode, fine-tune your ambiance, and even monitor Nest video doorbells and cameras—with the magic of voice commands or a quick tap (compatible smart devices available separately).

Stay organized and connected with the Nest Hub. Manage your schedule, set reminders, and broadcast messages throughout your home with Nest speakers (sold separately). Keep in touch using voice calls through Google Duo.

Tailored to your household, Voice Match ensures that each member receives personalized schedules, commutes, reminders, and beloved playlists, all easily accessible and audible.

Gesture control redefined. Swiftly pause a tune, snooze an alarm, or halt a timer with a graceful wave of your hand.

Beyond its core features, the Nest Hub transforms into a captivating digital photo frame when idle. Displaying your cherished memories from Google Photos, it seamlessly harmonizes with any room’s decor.

The evening page offers a seamless wind-down experience. From lulling sounds to orchestrating your space for a restful night—dimming lights, locking doors, setting alarms—it’s all within your grasp.

Wake up gently with the Sunrise Alarm. Watch as the Nest Hub display gradually brightens while the alarm volume rises, rousing you naturally.

Prioritizing privacy, a convenient microphone switch allows instant muting, while the option to erase your Google Assistant history ensures your data remains in your control.

Incorporating a thoughtful design, the Nest Hub is constructed with 54% recycled plastic, embodying a commitment to sustainability. Its adaptable display gracefully adjusts to ambient light, striking the perfect balance between illumination and subtlety. A piece of technology that complements every room’s aesthetic.

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