Crossroads NIW80 Frameless Hi-Fi Speaker

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A special speaker designed to be built into an interior wall. The two-way system is equipped with a quality 8″ woofer with a fiberglass membrane and a 1″ titanium tweeter. The speaker produces deep, rich, booming bass and crystal clear sound. It has a frameless magnetic grid and is attached to the wall using self-retracting plastic clips. Price per piece.


Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency range 55-20000 Hz
Sensitivity (dB) 88 dB
Mounting depth 115 mm
RMS power 50 W
External dimensions 265 x 360 mm
Assembly. hole 233 x 328 mm
Speaker diameter (“) 8″
You have visited 8″
Introduce your space to the Crossroads NIW80, a frameless Hi-Fi bookshelf speaker designed to seamlessly blend in while producing top-quality sound. This versatile in-wall speaker boasts a power handling of 150W and can be effortlessly incorporated as a left, right, or center speaker in your home audio setup. With a 6-inch Glass Fiber Cone and a 1-inch Titanium Dome Tweeter, the NIW80 delivers a balanced, full-bodied sound. These advanced components ensure detailed lows and crystal-clear highs, delivering an immersive Hi-Fi audio experience. Ease of installation is a major advantage of the NIW80, thanks to the provided template. Further enhancing its seamless integration into your room, the speaker’s frame and grille can be painted to match your decor. The result is an audio solution that perfectly complements your interior design. Crafted from environmentally-friendly ABS material, the NIW80 measures 8.26″ (H) x 12.2″ (W) x 3.85″ (D), proving that compact does not mean compromise. Its frameless design provides a 180-degree audio experience, filling your room with high-fidelity sound. Durability is key to the NIW80. The speaker features dust and moisture resistance, ensuring it stands up to various environmental conditions and guaranteeing longevity. It includes a 6″ glass-fiber cone woofer and a 1″ titanium-dome tweeter, all housed in a resilient casing. In terms of technical specifications, the NIW80 has a power handling of 40W with a peak of 80W. The frequency response spans from 60Hz to 20kHz, catering to a broad spectrum of sounds. It has an impedance of 8 ohms, a sensitivity of 86 dB, and a lightweight design at just 8 lbs. In summary, the Crossroads NIW80 frameless Hi-Fi bookshelf speaker is a space-saving, high-performing, and discreet audio solution. It is engineered for the audio enthusiast who values superior sound, aesthetic design, and robust functionality.

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Want to get Crossroads NIW80 Frameless Hi-Fi Speaker Installed?

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